FreeShutterCount 1.54

Provides data on the shutter counts in Canon EOS DSLR
Monitor the shutter operation and remaining guaranteed functionality of Canon EOS DSLR. Check the real shutter actuation numbers stored in camera memory. The suite detects the compatible devices and extracts the relevant data from firmware structures.

Professional or semi-professional digital cameras are expensive, so many photographers opt for purchasing used cameras. Nevertheless, these devices have a limited life span, which reflects in the number of times it has been used.

This program detects the number of times the shutter of a camera has been activated, thus giving you an idea of its remaining lifetime.

The program is really simple. You only need to install and run it, and then connect your camera. A disadvantage is that the program needs to replace Windows' default driver with a new one in order to work properly. You can download and install it using the Zadig tool, which is included with the program.

Once your camera has been connected, the program will show its general data, such as its model, manufacturer, and serial number. In theory, it will also show its shutter count which is the number of times its shutter has been triggered; nevertheless, to see this number, you need to "unlock" the program, meaning that you need to pay for it. So I wonder why it is advertised as "Free shutter count". It is true that the cost of the program is affordable; nevertheless, it is not free as it says. You can also generate a PDF report on the shutter count and other information about the camera.

If you are a photographer or a used cameras seller, then this non-free program may be useful for you.

Victor Hernandez
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  • Can be used with different camera brands
  • Generates a PDF report
  • Affordable cost


  • It is advertised as free, but it is not
  • You need to install a new driver for the program to work properly
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